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Force RL works with companies to grow their business by creating online marketing programs to stay “Top of Mind” with their clients and referral sources, build customer loyalty and enhance purchase frequency in a cost effective manner.

Increases “Share of Wallet”. One of the best ways to grow your business is not by finding more clients, but by selling more product to
existing customers.

Delivers targeted promotion and event
based messaging in a cost effective manner.

Effectiveness can be easily measured. Monitor click-through and open rates to track specific prospect interest.
Keeps customers and prospects connected with your brand.

Offers an easy opportunity for your customers to provide immediate feed back that will allow your company to enhance services to meet their ever changing needs.

Provides cost saving benefits by reducing printing and mailing costs.

Force RL employs its own Graphic Designer to provide the professional look and image you desire in an HTML format.

Content Force RL can provide content on a variety of topics including Finance, Technology, Health, Insurance and more.

Deliverability We have an excellent deliverability rate as a result of several features that enable our clients to communicate with their customers without their emails being falsely identified as spam.

Online reporting includes the
tracking of emails sent, emails opened, click-throughs, emails undelivered and unsubscribers.

Database Management Services include List Collection, Data Entry, Database Management and Hosting.

Survey & Form Builder Collect valuable information from your customers via surveys, registration forms, comment forms and more.


Contact us to find out how we can utilize our technology, expertise, and marketing savvy
to fulfill your company’s marketing needs. To learn more call Bob Pascal at
847-922-2926 or send an email to bpascal@rlprinting.com.

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